Set aside a few moments for yourself and join in a short session of Mindfulness. Even the shortest session can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Mindfulness brings our attention to what is occurring in the present moment (simply by observing thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise) but without ‘trying’ or ‘aiming for’ any particular state of relaxation. However, mindfulness can induce the relaxation response by lowering the heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. 

As with any online participation activity, only do what you feel comfortable with. If you find that breathing slowly causes you difficulty, you may want to breathe at your own pace or stop listening. These recordings are designed to bring a feeling of calm and relaxation, therefore never listen to them whilst driving or operating any equipment. 

Mindfulness with Harriet (2 minutes)

3 Step breathing space with Glyn (3 minutes)

Mindfulness with Harriet (5 minutes)

Body scan with Harriet (10 minutes)

Mountain meditation with Glyn (12 minutes)

Mindfulness with Glyn (15 minutes)

Breathe with Harriet (18 minutes)