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We're on a mission to be London's answer to sustainable fashion. Find out what that means, how shopping and donating to Trinity contributes to this goal and how we're working to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of our charity shop operation.

Our business model uniquely positions us to pursue our goal to be London's answer to sustainable fashion: the resale of secondhand fashion in our charity shops helps to save over 300 tonnes of goods from landfill every year and is inherently circular. We understand that addressing the product element of our business is only part of the journey, improvements are needed across all areas of our operation if we are to authentically and whole-heartedly embrace our commitment.

This year we are pleased to announce that we won the Environmental and Sustainability award at the Charity Retail Association conference for our Sustainable 7 programme. You can read about the new initiative below.

The environmental and sustainability award winners 2023

Sustainable charity retail is not skin-deep  

In 2022 we embarked on a review of our retail operations to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, whether it is visible in our shops or not. From this work we have identified a set of priorities we call the Sustainable 7: 

  • transportation
  • procurement
  • waste
  • reuse and recycling
  • printing
  • utilities
  • people

These seven key areas for improvement have shaped a comprehensive action plan. We share this publicly to hold ourselves to account, and to share our journey to become the most sustainable version of ourselves with our community of ​customers, donors and supporters.

In March 2024 we published an updated version of this plan, listing our progress against our 24 goals to improved sustainability, each sitting within one of the seven priority areas. 

Read the plan

Taking our commitment to sustainability one step further 

We run 22 shops across the capital to help fund free end of life and palliative care for Londoners. Last year, Royal Trinity Hospice shops helped save over 300 tonnes of goods from landfill, including reselling over 350,000 preloved items.  

At Royal Trinity Hospice we are here to make shopping preloved fashion enjoyable, welcoming and accessible to everyone in London and beyond. A recent survey of our customers placed the desire to buy sustainably as the number one reason attracting people through our doors. Our plan lays out our continued commitment to improving our sustainability credentials, in both behind-the-scenes operations and on the shop floor. 

All of the fashion, books and homeware that you will find in our stores are 100% donated; we never purchase any stock other than our Christmas cards, which are completely sustainable. 

We will passionately promote our sustainable way to consume fashion for as long as our community continues to support us with donations, because fashion shouldn’t cost the earth

Genuine sustainability is not only about the number of preloved items we sell or save from landfill

When we published the 'Seven steps to sustainability' plan last year, we were making a public commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We wanted to hold ourselves to account but also to share how small or incremental differences can make a big difference without damaging the primary function of our shops to raise funds for the hospice. 

We know that the desire to shop more sustainably is still the number one reason why our customers choose Royal Trinity Hospice shops, and it matters deeply to me and the team too. We want to go that extra mile to ensure that our commitment to sustainability goes beyond selling secondhand fashion. We have come a long way this year and I am so proud of the progress that we have made and looking forward to sharing the future innovations we have planned.

Daniel Holloway, Director of Retail at Royal Trinity Hospice

Read the plan

Global context 

We love fashion, but its environmental impacts are destroying our planet and causing suffering to many of the workers who make our clothes.​

Not only are people buying more, they are also discarding more, creating a huge waste crisis across the globe.​


At Trinity we have pledged to only deal with organisations accredited with The Trader Recycling Universal Standard (TRUST) when trading donated items that cannot be sold on the shop floor. TRUST was devised by a coalition dedicated to boosting standards in the recycling sector and has the backing of more than 2,500 charity shops across the UK as well as the Charity Retail Association, Textile Recycling Association and other waste reduction and recycling experts.

Textile traders are important to the charity retail sector because they buy textiles that charity shops are unable to sell to the public. This ensures the charity has income from these donations and that the items are reused and recycled, and do not end up in landfill. 

Find more information on the TRUST website

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