Even though it’s inevitable for all of us, death is a subject we all avoid, which means we risk being confronted with it abruptly. Even then, it's difficult to know where to start a conversation about death or how to plan for the future.

Here is a short list we’ve put together for you that covers all areas of how you can be ready and prepare for a good death.

Top TED talks on life and death.

A different perspective could change how you see death. We’ve put together a list of TED talks on life, death and everything in-between to help us make sense of it all, including one from Trinity CEO, Dallas Pounds. 

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Sir Billy Connolly: I'm near the end but I don't fear death

Sir Billy Connolly, has been very open about his Parkinson's diagnosis and offers a fresh point of view of how he copes with approaching the end of his life.

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Difficult conversations

As difficult as it might be, it's essential to share your wishes with your family for your funeral. This article breaks down how you can approach this type of conversation. 

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Seven steps to saying goodbye

Dr. VJ Periyakoil, Director of the Stanford Palliative Care Education and Training Program, released the Friends and Family letter― a template of seven questions meant to help prompt the kind of poignant goodbye that makes death feel a little bit easier.

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Spiritual care

Spiritual care is not restricted to religion. At the end of our lives, we try to find meaning and try to make sense of it all. Trinity’s spiritual care team can help you with this.

Download the spiritual care leaflet here

Planning for the future

Planning for the end of your life can improve your quality of life, reduce emotional distress and ensure financial security. However, less than a quarter of us do it. We’ve put together some resources that will help you.

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Making a Will

Most people in the UK don’t make a Will, assuming that their money will end up in the right places. Here’s all of your FAQs answered with the help of Trinity associated solicitors.

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Coping with the cost of illness

Dying, or just being ill, can be expensive. Here’s more information on how Trinity can help you manage practical and financial matters.

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Inpatient unit

You’ll also have to make the decision of where you want to die, at home or at Trinity. Here’s everything you need to know about Trinity’s inpatient unit including our 360 tour.

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A - Z of Trinity's services

A hospice isn't just a place you go to die. From symptom management to finances, the different ways we will be able to help might surprise you.

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