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Interested in working for Royal Trinity Hospice shops? We spoke to Milly, Assistant Shop Manager in our Earl's Court shop to find out what it's like working in a Trinity shop!

How long have you been working at Trinity?

"I started working at Trinity in February 2022. I started as a Mobile Assistant Manager so I was travelling around the different shops providing cover and help where it was needed. It was a great opportunity to see lots of London and work with different people and in different shops so I had a good idea of everything before I then settled down in the Earl's Court shop in July."

Why did you want to work for Trinity?

"What drew me to the job was the involvement in sustainability and sustainable fashion. I have a bit of background in that area so it was something I wanted to get more involved in and learn more about, as well as also getting to work for such a great cause. It was very enlightening for me to see how Trinity used sustainability in a charity practice and I really wanted to be a part of it!"

What do you love most about working at Trinity?

"Definitely the people. The team that we have in Earl's Court is really lovely and there’s a great dynamic. You also get to meet people from all walks of life, and a lot of people come in because they are interested in sustainable fashion so we have great conversations with customers about sustainability which I really enjoy."

What’s a usual day like in a Trinity shop?

"Typically I come in and have a cup of tea, do some emails and get ready for the day. Then once we’ve opened we sort through donations, replenish the older stock with new items, and of course serve customers. We also change the window displays every day, sometime twice a day depending on what’s selling. I’m in charge of the men’s department so I often change up the displays and shelving which I love doing."

What's your favourite thing about being an Assistant Manager?

"I enjoy that I can be involved in conversations with head office and be part of the discourse around changes in the shops and sustainability in general. Talking through new initiatives and then seeing them come to fruition is really rewarding."

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