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Interested in working for Royal Trinity Hospice shops? We spoke to Michael, Assistant Shop Manager in our North Cote Road shop, and Sue, Assistant Shop Manager in our Chelsea shop to find out what it's like working in our shops!

Man in a suit and woman in an all green outfit stood in front of a Trinity shop

How long have you been working at Trinity for?

Sue: "I have been working at Trinity for 9 years now. I started off a volunteer, and went on to become a volunteer team leader (which doesn't exist anymore) which was sort of a like an assistant manager but I covered lots of different shops, because of that everyone seems to know who I am now around the Chelsea area. But I've been a 3-day a week, part-time Assistant Manager in Chelsea for 2 years now and I love it!

We have 1 full-time manager, 1 full-time assistant manager, and 2 part-time assistant managers that make up 1 full time position. So you'll always find 2 people in the shop. It's really well known in Chelsea and people often come in just to have a chat and drop off a few items. There's a real sense of community."

Michael: "I've known Sue for years through my previous job of running a pub and hotel in Islington, but I was unfortunately made redundant in May last year. During my months of job searching I was invited by some friends to a community garden party in Chelsea where Sue was also going to, we had some fish and chips and got chatting. When Sue found out I was still looking for a job she put me in touch with Simon, the Area Manager here at Trinity, who eventually offered me a role a week later! That was in July/August last year and I haven't looked back since!

I’m now forever in debt to Sue and have to pay her back in biscuits and cake whenever I visit the Chelsea shop."

Sue: It's really rewarding when something like that happens. I always check in at what North Cote Road are doing in terms of their sales and I’m so proud that I got Michael to join the Trinity family. I knew he would be amazing with his customer service skills."

What do you love most about working at Trinity?

Michael: "My mum was a Macmillan Nurse before she retired and ran a hospice in North Wales for 5 years before she retired, so coming to Trinity felt like the right place to be, and now working regular hours unlike in pubs, I have a normal life again. I love it, and I’m not looking back.

It’s really rewarding and to get that feeling that you’re doing something that helps, not just that’s specifically helping the hospice, but it helps a wider community around your shop too. I started as a mobile assistant so in 3 months I was in 15 of our shops. Our volunteers are all ages and a lot of them do it for the company and the social life so it’s lovely to come in and speak to so many people."

Sue: "I love getting to know customers; what they like or what they’re looking for. As Managers we know the whole shop, what we have out, what’s out the back, so it’s nice to walk round with somebody and help them out. Mel, the other assistant manager in Chelsea is amazing at that and dressing the windows too, you get a chance to do everything."

Michael: "I did some of my training in the Chelsea shop, and the rest in Clapham Junction with Janet, the Shop Manager,. Janet and Neila in Clapham made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, and the same for everyone here in Chelsea. Everyone makes you feel so welcome."

That’s what its all about, being a part of a team, making people feel welcome.

What's a usual day like in a Trinity shop?

Sue: "My usual morning starts with washing the floors, dusting, today I had to go to the post office to pay in the shop money, I price and hang stock ready for the shop floor, and then I make myself a cup of coffee. The aim is to make the shop presentable for opening at 10am.

During the day, I make sure the shop is tidy, picking up anything on the floor, restocking, tidying the rails, then I balance and go home.

Michael: "That's pretty much how the day goes for me. Before we open, I have a little catch up with my Manager if we've been working different days and haven't seen each other, and volunteers if they're in, just to see if there is anything we need an update on eg. deliveries coming in.

North Cote Road has a lot of footfall throughout the day so we have to replenish a lot, but we’re known for designer items and we’ve just made the designer rail for the time which is exciting for us and the customers to shop!"

Sue: "About 70% of the stock you put out in the morning, will be sold that day."

What’s your favourite thing about working at Trinity?

Sue: "I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile, especially as I've known people who have died, so I feel like I'm doing something to help the hospice, and it’s a small hospice and the oldest one in England.

I love the team I work with, and I have a lot of respect for the higher management too, even if some of them do support the wrong football team but I’ll let them off. I have a great relationship with everyone."

Michael: "My job is to help people, it's nice not just being stood in a shop making money for a big cooperation, we're making money that’s directly helping people at the hospice. What we’re doing is worthwhile, and it’s a bonus that the people we’re working with across the board are genuinely descent people."

Do you have a favourite thing about being an Assistant Manager:

Sue: "I’m target driven so one of my favourite thing is checking our sales at the end of the day, but I do also love my shop team."

Michael: "I love working with customers. I want to move up in the company and I have the best teachers here so hopefully that will happen soon. There are lots of opportunities with new shops opening up so it’s a great place to work and develop." 

It’s nice to finish a busy day, and even though you’re tired, it’s nice to think “my god we did well today” and we’re going to help a lot of people.

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