The Wilkinson family's story

Nigel, Luke, Sophie and Matthew are the team behind Ride for Ray and are taking on the Prudential Ride London 100 mile route for Trinity. Read more

Annie's story

Annie is swimming the English Channel with four friends, and she has chosen to raise vital funds for Trinity's care. Read more

Isabel's story

Isabel cycled round her local park 73 times to mark her Granddad's 73 years and raise vital funds for Trinity. Read more

Mary's story

The founder of Mulberry Musicians shares why she chose to set it up to help Trinity patients. Read more

Lloyd's story

Lloyd has been volunteering at Trinity as a Befriender for six months. He shares what a difference his befriending relationship has made to him. Read more

Debbie's story

Debbie took part in last year's Tooting Aquathlon for Trinity and shares why you should be excited for 2019's. Read more

Jez's story

Jez has joined Team Trinity and put his own twist on his marathon run. Read more

Kate's story

Kate's the Clinical Lead for end of life care in Wandsworth and is running the marathon for Trinity this year. Read more

Harald's story

Harald has been an outpatient for nearly 4 years - he shares what a difference Trinity's made to him. Read more

Maureen's story

Maureen is a Reiki therapist, and tells us why she loves volunteering as part of the Complementary Therapy team at Trinity. Read more

The Guy Family: Why we're fundraising for Trinity

The Guys tell us why they think it's such a great cause. Read more

The Guy Family: What Trinity meant to us

The Guy Family share what it meant to them to have Trinity's support when they needed it most. Read more

The Guy Family: What it's like at Trinity

The Guy Family tell us why they couldn't have wished for a better place than Trinity for their beloved Mum and Nan. Read more

Lindi's story

"Trinity was Lucy’s sanctuary for the three years that she fought her cancer so determinedly." Read more

Kath's story

Kath Jackson was my sister. She loved the theatre and music, but most of all, she loved her family. Read more

Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth explains the difference Trinity has made to her since she has been attending outpatient groups Read more

Paul's story

We found Trinity a place of remarkable calm and tranquillity when it felt like life was collapsing around us. Read more

Susan's story

If Trinity hadn’t been there for us - as my sister Lorraine said to me- 'it does not bear thinking about'. Read more

Laura's story

"I’m really not sure whether mum would be more amused or horrified at the idea of me doing a half marathon, but I know she’d love the spirit of it" Read more

Gita's story

Celebrity chef Vivek Singh helped Gita’s mum celebrate a very special 88th birthday. Read more

Matthew's story

We spoke to local supporter Matthew about our upcoming Family Walk and Fun Day and why he's committed to supporting Trinity. Read more

Will's story

"I remember leaning over to kiss Chris on his forehead and looking up to see my wife looking out into the beautiful gardens. I miss him." Read more

Alan's story

"I just like being there and meeting new people and having fun!" Trinity outpatient Alan shares why he looks forward to coming to the hospice every Tuesday. Read more

Joe's story

"When Trinity came along we had one single team to help with my father’s needs and the family’s needs and questions." Read more