Barnaby's story

"Nothing can prepare you for losing someone you love but Trinity was there from start to finish"Read more

The Letter: Claire's Memoir

Claire shares her autobiographical piece about a letter she found from her late husband that hadn't been re-read in over 50 years.Read more

Mark's Story

Mark volunteers at Trinity as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. Here he shares his story of what lead him to volunteer and reflects on how his service has made a difference to patients and their families.Read more

Suzie's Story

Suzie shares her reasons for taking on the challenge of a lifetime, ten years after Trinity cared for her mumRead more

Allan and Marsha's Story

"It was really important I got the document I needed. If I didn't my scooter would have been taken away. Without Marsha I wouldn't have had a clue what to do - her help has been brilliant."Read more

Freddy's Story

"My preconceptions were obviously totally wrong, the rooms were incredibly bright and clean and private. My mother really loved her room and enjoyed going out into the garden when possible."Read more

Nuno and Luis' Story

Nuno is one of Trinity's specialist dementia nurses. Here he talks about why his job makes a difference, and how he has supported Luis in caring for his mum.Read more

Katie's Story

Katie's husband Ben talks about her time at Trinity, and the amazing fundraising challenge he is undertaking in her memory.Read more

Niall’s Story

Niall's father passed away at Trinity in 2014. Ever since, Niall and a group of friends from Chiswick FC Rugby Club, where his father coached, have been challenging themselves to support Trinity.Read more

Hege's Story

Hege talks about the care she has been receiving in the inpatient unit and the wonderful artwork she is creating to raise money for Trinity!Read more

Catherine's Story

Catherine talks about why she looks forward to coming to the hospiceRead more

Donna's Story

Donna talks about how coming to outpatient classes at Trinity helped her to find joy in life againRead more

Onkar's Story

Onkar attends the Monday Club, a group for people with dementia. His wife, Anu, and volunteer, David, speak about the difference it has made to his life.Read more

Bee's Story

Bee talks about spending Christmas at the hospice with her partner Simon and how Trinity helped make it specialRead more

Caroline's Story

Caroline talks about why the reflexology her Mum received from Trinity inspired a change in careerRead more

Sameena's Story

Sameena talks about the special time she shared with her Mum and siblings in Trinity's inpatient centreRead more

Ken and Eddie's Story

Ken and Eddie take part in our Befriending Service. They go for a short walk together once a week.Read more

Alison's Story

Alison explains how Trinity's Community Dementia Nurse helps her care for her Dad TommyRead more

Marie's Story

Marie speaks about the fantastic care her mother received in the Inpatient CentreRead more

Sheila's Story

Sheila explains how the support of the Wandsworth Coordination Centre supported her husband to be cared for at home as he approached the end of his life.Read more