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Textile take-back schemes, where customers donated preloved clothing to retailers to be re-used or recycled, are a key part of developing a more circular fashion industry.

Why get involved?

Studies have shown many consumers believe brands bear as much responsibility for positive change as governments.

50% of customers also feel a lack of clarity on what to do with old products prevents them adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

By introducing a take back scheme, you can actively engage with your customers on sustainability practices, keep clothing items within the circular economy, and of course help a fantastic cause.

Why choose Trinity?

Many retailer take back schemes are partnered with a commercial textile recycling merchant. This means that the donated goods often end up in markets in West Africa or Eastern Europe. By partnering with us, all quality re-sellable items will be sold in the UK through our charity shops, keeping them in circulation for much longer.

Any items donated that are not suitable for resale will be sent only to TRUST certified recycling merchants.

How it works

For retailers with physical stores in London, we will work with you to install branded collection boxes in your shops. Some retailers may choose to offer their customers a voucher in exchange for donations. We will collect directly from your shops at agreed times.

For online retailers, we will work with you to produce branded donation bags for your customers to post directly to us.

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