We spoke to Colin about why he volunteers with Trinity:

Why did you start volunteering with Trinity?

"I’d gained quite extensive experience of end-of-life care with a number of family and friends having gone through it. I initially came here to Trinity with mealtimes on the ward, but soon realised that my experience with people who have gone through this journey made me a good fit for a befriending volunteer. I have been doing this role for 11 years now."

Can you explain a bit about what you do in your volunteer role? 

"I’m a Compassionate Neighbour, which used to be known as a befriending volunteer. We are paired up with someone in order to provide emotional support, friendship and a listening ear. We will make regular visits and be led by befriendee as to whether they would like to take a walk in the park, go for a coffee or just catch up over the phone."


What do you enjoy the most about your role? 

"The human connection you gain from this role is amazing and it feeds into my everyday life. I see it as a real privilege that the people I’m matched with let me into their environment and choose to share their life with me. Building these relationships has helped me in all areas of my life and work to see people in a human way."

What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering with Trinity? 

"You get so much more than you give. Volunteering can feed your soul and it’s the perfect balance alongside paid work as it is fulfilling in ways that a corporate job isn’t."

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