Henrietta, supported by her daughter, has been receiving care from Trinity at her home in Battersea for the last year. So far, the family has received care from various Trinity professionals. Henrietta shared this short account of how we are helping her. 

"I had been a patient of The Royal Marsden for three years, receiving palliative chemotherapy. It was a difficult time because while I was being treated, I was also looking after my husband who was terminally ill with COPD. In August 2022, the Marsden discharged me as my cancer was no longer reacting to treatment and there was nothing more they could do for me. The hospital referred me to Trinity so that I could receive their palliative care.

I knew about Trinity as a couple of friends of mine had been involved with some of the big fundraising events in the past, such as the Summer Garden Party; as well as other friends who had received wonderful care there.

After being discharged from the Marsden I became very unwell and one of the Trinity Doctors came to the house to assess me. He quickly activated my care at home, taking his time to talk to me and explain what the hospice could do for me, as well as phoning my daughter in Scotland to explain the situation and preparing her for what to expect. It was extremely reassuring for us all.

Lizzie, one of Trinity’s Clinical Nurse Specialists, visits me regularly. She helps support my general wellbeing and symptoms, updating the Trinity doctors and my own GP on my health. She has also referred me to see district nurses, a nutritionist, an occupational therapist for managing my fatigue and the Council team responsible for maximising independence at home.

I have also visited the hospice to see the complementary therapist Theresa for some massage to help with my neuropathy in my hands, feet and legs and it was wonderfully relaxing.

Recently I have had regular visits from Palliative Care Assistant Sally who has measured me up for a wheelchair, so that it is easier to get out of the house. As well as arranging face-to-face health reviews and providing support to family members through Trinity's Patients and Family Services team. 

I have seen for myself, so I understand how tough the end of life might be. But I know the team will be there for me and my family, which is very comforting and so this is why I am happy to die either at home or at the hospice itself."

On seeing the care given to her mum - daughter Emma

"I returned to London from Scotland, where I live, to be with Mum at home. I find being in regular contact with one of the community nurses from Trinity really helpful. We talk nearly every other week and I also email her as things change, so there is a regular email dialogue, and the team is kept up to date with Mum’s condition. I also know I can pick up the phone at any time if things change and she needs help.

Mum has been in to Trinity for a massage and she loved it! Both of us have also been offered counselling if we should need it, which is great to know.

When we were approached to take part in a Trinity photoshoot to help raise awareness of the hospice’s home care, Mum immediately wanted to help and felt it was important to do. Mum was brilliant on the day, chatting to the photographer and the team as they went around the house.

A very willing subject and a furry four-pawed helper joined in 

We all had such fun and even my Westie, Lexi-dog joined in, sitting and posing with Mum in some of the photos! I have to admit that Mum was exhausted at the end of the day, but it did her the world of good mentally to be doing something different and meeting new people too, as we haven’t got out much recently.

We look forward to seeing the photographs and they will be a reminder of a fun and happy day!”

An older woman and a younger woman sat looking at a piece of paper

Henrietta with Sally, Palliative Care Assistant 

Thanks to Henrietta and Emma for sharing some of their story about palliative care and Trinity's support services. The photos shown here were captured at the family at home, June 2023.

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