We spoke to Malini about her experience with Trinity and setting up a Tribute Fund in memory of her Mum, Pushpa.

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Was Trinity what you expected from a hospice?

We had no experience of what a hospice would be like before coming to Trinity and in our toughest time the hospice was suggested for our mum for symptom management. As soon as we were there, there was an instant sense of calm, both physically and mentally. The care that everyone provided, in such an honest, professional and personal way was one of which we had not experienced in a
medical environment.

"My mum’s care was second to none, and I think that was what gave us and mum comfort."

How did Trinity support you personally?

It was humbling to see how much love and care our mum received. Even though it was for a short amount of time, the comfort and security provided to us as a family can never be repaid. After having seen the extraordinary work everyone does at Trinity on a daily basis, we want to continue raising money so that they can continue to support people through their toughest times.

Our mum was the most inspirational woman and role model we could have wished for. To honour her enduring memory and influence, we want to continue to support the hospice. The nurses were reassuring and friendly, and built up such a wonderful support system for our mum and us as a family. I personally also attended some grief counselling sessions, which I was so grateful for.

What made you and your family decide to first set up a Tribute fund to support Trinity?

We wanted to create a space for our mum’s legacy with the hospice and as we had done a few events to raise funds, we thought creating a dedicated space for her as a tribute fund would be the best way. We could then also send the link to friends and family, and they could donate directly via the tribute fund.

What fundraising have you done to contribute toward your fund so far?

So far, we have run the Kew Gardens 10k as well as a 22k hike in the Cotswolds. We also make sure our mum has a leaf on the Trinity memory tree every year.

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Do you feel your tribute fund has helped you continue to celebrate the memory of your mum?

Yes, it’s so lovely to see that the fund will help to continue the incredible care that the hospice could
provide, and I would recommend others to start a tribute fund too.

If you would like to find out more about setting up a tribute fund or dedicating a memory leaf on our tree then click the buttons below.

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