Our Shops

We're on a mission to be London's answer to sustainable fashion.

We think our charity shops are some of the best around. Now our shops have reopened, we look forward to seeing you in one soon.

Make a sustainable fashion statement, shop secondhand this September, and help protect our planet by wearing clothes that make a difference from Royal Trinity Hospice.

Fast fashion is damaging to our planet and to the people who make them. In the UK alone, over 300,000 tonnes of used clothes end up in landfill every year. Plus the production and export of new clothes every month in the UK produces more greenhouse gases than flying a plane around the world 900 times. With reports of wildfires and torrential rain, we can see the impact that this is having on our environment now. Most importantly, this is affecting people who are living in poverty across the world, some who are paid and treated unfairly to make these clothes, but ultimately have done the least to cause this problem.

Because of this, we're joining the #SecondhandSeptember movement and asking you to...

  • Shop with us in store or online
    Find us on your local high-street or shop with us on ASOS Marketplace, Depop, Amazon, eBay and Gumtree.
  • Donate online or in store
    Clear out your autumnal wardrobe and make space for new charity shop gems and donate to your local Trinity shop.
  • Share on Instagram
    Show us how you're making a sustainable fashion statement and tag us in your Trinity charity shop finds.

Remember that your clothes make a difference to local communities as well. When you shop and donate to Royal Trinity Hospice, you're helping 2,400 Londoners every year who are in desperate need of our vital end-of-life and palliative care. You're also supporting a charity who supported local GPs, the NHS and other healthcare professionals with our expertise to help care for those suffering with coronavirus throughout the height if the pandemic. 

Make a sustainable fashion statement, curb your fast-fashion habits, and start wearing clothes that make a difference to the planet and the people on it this September, and shop and donate to Royal Trinity Hospice. 

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