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Tish Clyde

Tish was a woman who just didn’t do the ordinary or what was expected, who continually defied the expectations put on her, touching so many people along the way. Whose resilience, courage and pure bloodiness mindedness in the face of a horrible disease was a wonder to behold. You died far too young. We all love you Tish, always have done and always will do. 27 Mar 1963 - 21 May 2021 Read more

Maureen Brown

Maureen was an incredible and strong woman, she was an amazing mother, a fantastic grandmother and remained strong-willed right up until the end. 11 Sep 1941 - 29 Jan 2022 Read more

Mrs Lesley D Prescott

Our Mum Lesley was many different things, a Mum, Mum-in-law, Nan, Sister, Aunty and friend. She loved her family fiercely and worked hard always to be there to help anybody wherever she could. As well as her family she loved many things from cooking and cinema to Rod Stewart and ballet to name but a few! She missed our Dad, who was so looked after by Trinity in his final months, every day of the past ten years without him. Sadly Mum deteriorated before a bed was available at Trinity for her. So 08 Nov 1950 - 09 Jul 2021 Read more

Iris Patricia Elliott

"You can shed tears that she is gone, Or you can smile because she has lived You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her Or you can be full of the love that you shared You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday You can remember her and only that she is gone Or you can cherish her memory 12 Mar 1939 - 09 Feb 2022 Read more

Iris Lowe

A loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Family meant everything to her and she was never happier than when surrounded by us all. She had a fantastic long life which has left us with many fond memories. We will all miss her terribly. 02 Feb 1930 - 17 Feb 2022 Read more

Sarah Jane Jackson

Sarah was such fun to be with and an amazing friend to everyone she met, she lite up a room with her infectious laughter and Xander she literally glowed with radiance when you met her. Sarah was a wonderful caring mother and Wife and she will be greatly missed by so many people. The last couple of weeks of Sarah's life she spent in the Trinity Hospice, Clapham North. The care was outstanding 5 Star service, all the staff were so accommodating and caring. They made the last days of Sarah life tru 18 Feb 1981 - 01 Apr 2022 Read more

Rosemary Young OBE

Simply put, Rosemary was loved by all who met her. With an indomitable spirit she took on every day with a zest and enthusiasm rarely seen. Her smile and love of life would light up a room. Her energy and stamina seldom matched. Her opinion was sought and welcomed by all those seeking astute and enlightened advice. Her heart was open, spreading love, generosity and friendliness wherever she went. Her strong moral compass and tireless work ethic allowed a life full of achievement, kindness and re 28 Nov 1945 - 17 Dec 2021 Read more

Paddy Fahey

Husband. Father. Brother. Uncle 06 Sep 1930 - 20 Oct 2021 Read more

Adrianne Martina Gallagher

My beloved sister passed away some months ago from chronic heart disease. She sadly died alone on the street. She was my greatest friend and supporter. You see, I am a patient with Royal Trinity Hospice, suffering from chronic lung disease and have died almost twice myself. My sister gave me hope. I am extremely lucky to receive support from Royal Trinity Hospice and I cannot emphasise enough how much they have done to instill dignity and confidence in my uncertain future. No one should 01 Nov 1963 - 18 Nov 2020 Read more

Suzanne Marie Lewis

A loving, beautiful wife, mum and granny; our queen. 10 Jun 1946 - 19 Apr 2022 Read more

Madeline Mulloy

In memory of Madeline 12 Mar 1949 - 04 Aug 2011 Read more

Mo Horscroft (mum)

Mo was a truly incredible, special lady who meant so much to everyone who crossed paths with her. She thought the world of everyone and would do anything for anyone, even if that meant putting herself last (which she would do most of her life) Everyone described Mo as being very “glamorous” with her hair always being rolled up and curly, make up on and coco Chanel perfume, accompanied with A positive outlook on life and a smile to finish off the look! Mo loved to be sociable and around lots 18 Apr 1953 - 18 Nov 2021 Read more

Marie Waters

X 05 Aug 1944 - 11 Aug 2021 Read more

Zahraa Ali

In Loving Memory Of My Sister 03 Sep 1982 - 29 Nov 2015 Read more

Sally Usher

Sally, spent the last weeks of her long and complicated illness, at Royal Trinity Hospice. This gave her family and friends much needed and welcome time with her. Sally was brave, adventurous, compassionate and above all, fun. The hospice, was an invaluable place of warmth and safety, for us all to enjoy being with. 17 Sep 1943 - 26 Mar 2022 Read more

Nethi Sette

Nethi was a strong, caring, and dedicated mother, sister, grandma, auntie and friend. She will always be remembered by all those who have met her as a truly genuine person, who would go out of her way to help someone in need. You will be greatly missed, mum xxx Thank you to everyone at Royal Trinity Hospice in Battersea. You all cared for mum in the most compassionate, patient way, and ensured she was as comfortable as possible during her stay. You are all truly amazing! 08 May 1947 - 02 Feb 2022 Read more

Harry Heap

It’s nearly six years since my dearest husband was so wonderfully cared for in room 27 in the hospice,I appreciate it still. 14 May 1934 - 10 Jul 2015 Read more

Dennis Page

Very special husband to Ann, loving father to Celia and wonderful Grandpa to Holly and Jemima. 28 Mar 1924 - 18 Aug 2012 Read more

Victor Gale

Most of you that ever had the pleasure to cross paths with Victor Gale our loving Dad, Husband, Grandad, Uncle, Fatherinlaw will have very fond memories of him. He really was the most charismatic, charming, generous, hardworking & wittiest man around. I’m sure the wonderful nurses from the Trinity hospice experienced these traits while caring for him even during his final days of palliative care and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We take comfort that he is no longer in pain & passe 22 Feb 1942 - 22 Nov 2021 Read more

Bridget Virden

Bridget was an amazing person and she will be missed deeply as a fun and loving wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She was a true inspiration to us all and demonstrated incredible inner strength and resilience throughout her struggle with Ovarian Cancer. As the founder of Meanwhile Club, Bridget brought happiness to many people across London through her Horticultural Therapy and Gardening Workshops, and her enthusiasm and appreciation for plants and nature was positively infectious. She 04 Sep 1965 - 22 Jul 2021 Read more

Oswald Weber

10 Nov 1960 - 23 May 2014 Read more

Demi Louise Brindley

Our beautiful Demi was known best for her kindest and most giving nature she had such a beautiful soul who cared dearly about others. Her smile was infectious she was beautiful from her head to the tips of her toes. We have made some amazing memories and we are so grateful and blessed to have made them with someone as wonderful as Demi. If we could have one wish it would be that we had more time to make more. We are so proud of Demi her strength and courage have inspired so many of us in lot 24 Jun 1993 - 12 Jun 2019 Read more

Joan Hurrell

My earliest memory of Auntie Joan was of her commenting on how much I'd grown! After that we started going to the infamous New Year parties that she and Auntie Mavis would host. It's difficult to describe how party games, a cold buffet (that you weren't allowed to eat from unless you had your party hat on) and a sack of presents could mean so much, but I know I'm not alone in the fond memories I have of those gatherings. Maybe it was the fact that it brought the extended family together in a fun 04 Dec 1931 - 11 Sep 2021 Read more

Daniel Stafford

Daniel was an exceptional man. He was very socially conscious and an active member of civil society. He always stuck up for the underdog and spent his life quietly helping those around him in whatever ways he could. In his latter days the care he received at the hands of the staff of Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham was truly exceptional. They made his time there easy by anticipating his needs, thus relieving him of the burden of asking for help - something Daniel would rarely do. Please join the 16 Mar 2021 - 08 Jul 2021 Read more

Christie Cherian

A beloved husband, father and grandfather, and a cherished friend of so many. A most genial, kind and hospitable man with an infectious smile and great charm.  We will always hold him in our hearts and he will forever be missed. Our sincere and grateful thanks to Royal Trinity Hospice for his peaceful final days. 25 Jun 1947 - 03 Oct 2021 Read more

Robin Tristram Baxter

Robin was a well-loved husband, father, friend, and a pillar of the local community. He is sadly missed by many, but fondly remembered for his wit, crosswords, and love of music. The family is very thankful to Trinity Hospice and Bluebird for the superlative care that Robin received at the end of his life, enabling him to spend his last days at home as he so fervently wished. 18 Jun 1937 - 29 Mar 2021 Read more

Sheila Beazley

My Mummy, so special and precious xx 29 Sep 1933 - 17 Mar 2014 Read more

Inderjeet Singh

To me my dad was my hero. Everything he stood for, his family values and more. He was a great father to me and my brothers and my sisters; a fantastic grandad to 4 who will miss him dearly. He was truly loved and his smile will always be remembered; His silly jokes that we all find ourselves telling each other but heard so many times before. A family man, a husband, a father, a grandad, brother and uncle who will be missed but will long live on in all of us. 04 Apr 1945 - 18 Mar 2022 Read more

Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Wilson was the most beautiful, generous, fun, vibrant and all around wonderful person to all who knew her. Lindsay was the best mum and friend to her beloved boys, Charlie and Conrad, the best wife and life partner to her husband Jim, the best sister to Jill, the best aunt, sister-in-law and friend to countless others. She loved her tea, 5 mile walks, her beautiful sense of place, and just enjoying the simple yet important things in life. We all love and miss her deeply. 22 Apr 1960 - 24 Apr 2022 Read more

Loraine Marie Tappuni

Loraine, was a beloved Wife to Kais, Mum to Feras and Jane and Grandma to Oscar, Olivia, Luke, Cameron and Scott. She battled her cancers bravely over many years and through multiple rounds of often gruelling treatment. Her extensive case notes we are sure were the focus of many an interns case studies. Loraine was always beautifully dressed, nails polished, hair styled and wearing earrings - she detested the very thought of 'the track suit' ! She loved baking, particularly for her grandc 21 Jan 1941 - 24 Apr 2022 Read more

June Rose Lyder

June Rose Lyder was my mother, the sister I never had but most of all my best friend. She was the kindest person I know and had a wicked zest for life. Known as June, Junie, Junie Baby, Junie Moon and Mum and loved by many. 01 Jul 1931 - 21 Jan 2022 Read more

Maureen Jane Connor

Maureen was a loving Mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt and dear friend of many. She will be remembered by her kindness to others Her nursing career which she loved so much served her and the community well. She always helped others especially within the fellowship of AA In which she was a member for 35years, she hated suffering and never failed to put her hand out to help anybody in need. Let’s not forget her former career in the fashion world and her modelling days, always 02 May 1938 - 30 Oct 2021 Read more

Norma Magnani

Celebrating Norma whose zest for life was infectious, had the brightest smile and the was the best wife, mother, aunt, friend and neighbour anyone could want - let us always raise a glass and smile! 06 Nov 1932 - 10 Feb 2022 Read more

Georgina Elder

Georgina was a vibrant character whom will be sorely missed and will forever be in our hearts. 09 Jul 1950 - 17 Jun 2021 Read more

Edna Powell

In memory of a wonderful Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Friend. Much Loved and will be sorely missed. 16 Nov 1933 - 10 Apr 2022 Read more

Peter Robert Lunniss BOB

Our Dad Our Hero 23 Jan 1928 - 15 Jun 2021 Read more

Angela Shanley

Angela, my mother, was a beautiful woman inside and out. Brought smiles and laughter to everyone she met. Sincere, kind and loyal to all. She suffered with cancer for 3 years but never moaned once, kept positive and brightened up any room. With the love, care and support from Trinity she was mentally in best form, they gave her everything and more, they are true angels and people don't understand how important and special they really are. I am thankful for a wonderful mother, best friend 22 Dec 1955 - 24 Mar 2022 Read more

Ric Marsh

Ric was an amazing husband, father, son and we lost him too soon. Will be fondly remembered by friends and family. 15 Feb 1955 - 22 Oct 2013 Read more

Gill Habershon

Gill - Mum - she meant so many different things to so many different people. She was a Mum, a Wife, a Sister, a friend and an active member of the local community. First and foremost Gill loved people and she loved to have a good chat. She lived in Southfields for over 45 years and it was as much a part of who she was as her family. Her love of people led her to become chair of the Southfields Business Forum, a role she held dear to her heart. She was also editor of The Bridge, an annual newsle 28 Feb 1945 - 13 Jun 2021 Read more

Pushpa Patel

As many of you will already know, our amazing mum sadly passed away in June 2019. She had been suffering with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a cruel progressive disease. She spent her last week lovingly cared for at The Royal Trinity Hospice. It was humbling to see how much love and care she received during this period. Even though it was for a short amount of time, the comfort and security provided to us as a family can never be repaid. Having seen the extraordinary work everyone t 30 Aug 1946 - 01 Jun 2019 Read more

Elsie Gillen

In commemoration and celebration of the life of our beloved Elsie Gillen. We invite family and friends to share your photos, videos and favourite memories of Elsie. Messages of condolence welcome and there is the option to make a donation to Royal Trinity Hospice who helped provide care for her if you so wish. Thank you. 04 Feb 1928 - 17 Apr 2022 Read more

Edna Zammit

In loving memory of Edna Zammit - Mum, Nanny and GG to 3 and proud owner of Sam 15 Dec 1938 - 11 May 2022 Read more

Vibert and Ivy Woolcock

In loving memory of Vibert and Ivy Woolcock. Read more